5 reasons why you want to be friend with a makeup artist when you are makeup artist yourself!

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When I enrolled my makeup course in Paris, I remember I would like to be the best, and was seeing the other students as competitors for my career. This, of course, just lasted one day or two, as I met my best friend, Elsa there and worked and travelled with her! Once I finished the course this friendship became even more valuable in the professional world.We were the same age, wanting to learn with the same passion. One of our great moment was when she came to help me for my first job at Prada, I have been booked the day before and needed to supervise a crew for the opening of the new store in Paris. International celebrities were there and everything needed to be perfect. I needed an artist but also a friend to be with me on that day. Years after years I met amazing makeup artist from different part of the world and our relations are unvaluable for me.

  • We share the same passion
    They say: “Choose a work you love and you will never have to work one day in your life”.Being a makeup can get you at of the bed at 3 am and keep you awake for all the night. But seeing the smile on a client’s face, getting the look you had in mind for a photoshoot, finding the perfect new product for your kit..I can only share this with someone who is as passionate as I am! (not my boyfriend, definitely no..!)I had a project for a photoshoot since months but couldn’t do this alone as we needed to work on two models and cover them with text...My friend Sonia worked with me on this project. We are getting published and were so happy creating this shoot. It wasn’t work but just a beautiful day.
  • We support each other
    We are not only competitors, but we give each other’s work! A client or a company will always appreciate that you can recommend someone if you can’t do the work. I have my own network of makeup artists and we often pass job to each other. There is one or two rules if you replace a makeup artist, never steal a client, and send work back too to this person if you can.
  • We are not alone!
    Working as a freelance makeup artist also means...working by yourself and not having the lunch break with colleagues and create new friendships. But working by yourself doesn’t mean you can’t meet new friends at work! There is many opportunities to meet and build friendships with other freelance makeup artists, and you don’t have to see each other everyday! Facebook groups are also a great way to meet people in your area. So a dinner or a drink is a real time you manage with a friend and can exchange all the funny stories which happens at work.
  • We exchange tips, products, techniques!
    The learning I have from other makeup artist is invaluable. There is a thousand way to do makeup and a billion products. When I work or meet other makeup artist I always like watching their kits, the way they work and exchange some tips! When I moved to Sydney I had hundred of product I couldn’t bring with me, and my makeup artists friends were lined up to help me pack and get free makeup! Recently two makeup artists friends moved overseas and it was my turn!
  • It releases stress
    When you work for yourself everyday and every week are different. You can have some very busy weeks, and quiet times, beautiful moments and difficult clients. Talking with other makeup artists who are honest about their work will help you realise that this is the same for everyone, this is normal to sometimes have no jobs for a few days and having some clients which are hard to satisfy. We all have been through those situation and having someone who can tell you, this happened to me too always help you to relativise and release a bit of pressure.

I keep growing my makeup artist network years after years, from Paris, to Sydney and some are even in USA. My best advice would be don’t think as I did, makeup artists are not competitors but a community.

It is also a stressful industry where is it always better to make friends than enemy and everyone I had helped over the years, I have never regretted it and they often helped in return.