The 7 wonders or how to be booked again by your clients!



When doing makeup, you touch your client’s face and this create a deep intimacy between you and your client. People starts talking, about their life, their dramas, their personal issues, their lack of confidence. My first year, I didn't realised that my clients would like to talk to me when I was doing makeup, I was so focus on doing a great job, that I sometimes forgot the person sitting in my chair.

So I ask myself this question: why my clients are calling me? Why are they asking for a makeup service?

People want to look good, right? But they also want to feel good!

I want my clients living my chair with a smile and sometimes, the most beautiful makeup won’t just be enough. I have to give them an experience, I have to create this atmosphere to make them feeling amazing.

We all have been to a hairdresser, a beauty therapist, and left with a weird feeling. Services was great, but he/she was talking too much/ not enough, didn’t listen to me, he/she was ruff…

Here are the two aspects you need to consider when you provide a makeup service:

The feeling, and the talking.

The feeling:

Have you already have a painful blow-dry? I did. And didn’t go back, what it the point to have great hair if I end up in tears? Makeup works the same way.


  • Work with your hand and not your arm. The pressure is not the same if the strenght is located only in your hands. When I apply makeup my arm doesn’t move, only my hand. This also gives me a greater precision in my work.
  • Select your brushes: a few years ago, I have discovered the flat bending brushes, or half moon brushes. On the top of giving an “airbrushed” finish to my makeup and perfectly blend my products, my clients love the feeling of it. Also avoid brushes which lose their hairs, nothing is more uncomfortable than having the feeling of a hairy face.
  • Massage: I have decided to push the experience further and went to learn facial massage in Bali 5 years ago. That is probably one of the best training I could have done in my career. I have learn how to relieve stress  on my clients by simply giving them a 5 minutes facial massage before the makeup application. It also taught me the pressure points in the face: where is great to have a bit of pressure, where I should be very gentle. I don’t do it with everyone, some clients doesn’t like to be touch, in this case I use only brushes to keep the distance. But for a bride, an actor or anyone going to something stressful, I offer to do it. Stress is gone, and I also create intimacy with my clients. They often ask me to not stop!

The talking:

Talk or not talk, this is the question ?


  • Most of client enjoy a nice chat when having their makeup done. But some of them just want to forget you are there, relax and enjoy the moment. It is important to sometimes be quiet, if you feel your client is not encline for a conversation, don’t force it. It doesn’t mean they don’t like you, it is just they want to live this moment quietly.
  • What to say? I have an easy position in Australia, I have a strong French accent. So here goes my  conversation 9 times on 10: Where are you from? Since how long have you been here? Do you love Australia? Which part of France are you from? And after we start talking about France, holidays, travel, food..perfect! This is what you want a relaxing chat! Talk about nice things with your clients, make them travel, exchange tips, keep it positive.
  • Avoid personal questions: I have learnt it the hard way… Never ask a personal question if you client doesn’t start to talk about. This are the subject to avoid: Are you married, do you have kids? what is your job? It looks like general topics but: maybe your client is not married, can’t have kids, and recently lost his job. And if the case, I swear you wish you never asked for it.
  • Don't get offended: If a client gives you a feedback, listen to what he/she says. At the end of the day you have to please your client and the perception of himself or his taste can be different than yours. Explain what you are doing and the reason why you are doing through the application is a great way to ensure your client will be satisfied, but if he/she has a different request, remember that your mission is to satisfy the person in your chair.

When providing a makeup services, always remember you are with clients. You can not please everyone, in real life and at work but as a makeup artist I have the opportunity of meeting amazing people everyday! I love seeing my clients not just beautiful but happy and relaxed.

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